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If you're thinking about donning some muscle or maintaining muscle while you lose weight, then you can be thinking adding extra protein in your diet. There are lots of options in terms of protein supplements. It is possible to select from powders, bars and tablets, in just about any flavour you can imagine, but is protein supplementation necessary?

Protein Supplements

Protein - Of First Importance

First let's consider the role of protein within the body. Protein accounts for 20% in our total bodyweight. It transports nutrients, repairs tissues and is needed for proper growth. Proteins are composed of amino acids, what are the building blocks of the body. You can find 20 aminos, 12 which can be non essential, meaning we could produce them ourselves in the human body, and 8 that are essential, meaning we must obtain them from your diet. Proteins may be used by 50 percent ways, with either building new proteins in the human body and energy. The body is consistently breaking down and repairing itself so it's important that this diet supplies enough protein to satisfy your body's requirements.

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Simply how much Protein Do You Need?

The amount of protein you need depends upon how active you are. Someone who has a reasonably sedentary lifestyle would require less than a player. Excess fat is also essential for exercising simply how much protein you need. The RDA for an individual who does not workout is 0.75g per kg of bodyweight. Whereas a player on the weight gain program may need as much as 1.8 - 2.0g per kg of bodyweight.

A person who isn't training but is eating a well-balanced diet with top quality samples of protine is most probably meeting their protein requirements.

Do You Need Extra Protein?

If you workout frequently then adding a little bit more protein could possibly be of benefit. This extra protein might be given by eating more protein or by together with a protein shake or protein bar. Try not to get obsessed with the idea that you should be ingesting huge quantities of protein. This idea is largely down to fitness magazines who're sponsored by goods that occupy half the magazines pages they are featured in. But a top protein diet alone will not give you increased size or strength.

"Once optimal intake continues to be reached additional protein is not converted to muscle."

Lemon et al 1992

Benefits To Protein Supplementation

Supplementing protein:

-can allow you to meet your everyday protein requirement

-it is definitely absorbed

-can assist in preventing muscle breakdown

It can also be convenient in case you are struggling to use a proper meal. An additional benefit to protein supplementation is as an appetite suppressant aid. You are probably acquainted with weight-loss shakes. They may be basically a protein shake, the main reason they're marketed like a weight-loss aid happens because protein enables you to feel fuller quicker. Whenever you feel satisfied you're less likely to overeat. It isn't the shake that is causing you to be lose the weight however the fact that you are also replacing meals or two from it and cutting overall calories.

The Most Common Protein Supplements In the marketplace


Whey powder is just about the popular and recommended protein supplement. The reason why it's so popular is because of the fact it has a higher biological value (BV) than whole food and is comprised of 50% essential amino acids. Additionally it is easily digested and believed to stimulate muscle growth.


Casein is a a lot more slowly released than whey. Our recommendation is that you'd take whey protein after a workout to quickly provide you with the body with protein and casein before bed for a slow launch of protein although the night. For me casein offers little benefit.

Egg Protein

Eggs possess a BV rating of 100 are the defacto standard of protein which all other protein sources are rated. Eggs are also the only protein supplement that's a whole food. It ought to be noted that raw egg whites can block biotin (B6 vitamin) uptake. Biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss.

Pea Protein

Pea protein isolate is really a plant based protein source. It is a beneficial supply of aminos and simply digested. Generally favoured by vegetarians and vegans but can be also of great benefit to meat eaters.

Amino Acids

Aminos could be supplemented to avoid muscle breakdown during exercise and will also be employed as fuel through the muscles when carbohydrate stores are depleted. If you work with another protein supplement then taking amino acids too isn't really necessary.

When was A good time To adopt A Protein Supplement?

Should you where you should believe the most popular belief regarding muscle development and taking protein supplements, then it would be 3-4 times each day. After your exercise routine, between meals and before going to bed. However this is overkill.

We have tried quite a few different protein powders and i believe the most beneficial time to take it is right after a workout. This is actually the once you need to rapidly improve your blood sugar levels which means you will get a strong insulin response which will quickly absorb the protein inside your system from your shake you just drank. Whole-foods market could be separated too slowly and miss your window of opportunity. The remainder of the time you would like to be eating whole-foods to maintain your blood sugar levels stable.

A Great Tip With an Inexpensive Protein Shake

I do not use any protein powders anymore. I actually don't use anything but low-fat chocolate milk. Prior to deciding to write it off i want to explain the reasoning.

Milk offers the healthy proteins, and also the sugar will cause an increase in blood glucose levels. The reason I take advantage of low-fat or no-fat milk happens because body fat entirely milk would decrease digestion. Now normally I don't drink milk, eat sugar or go near anything low-fat but following a good work out this works perfectly.

Final Thoughts On Protein

For me you're best to exhaust whole food sources first before seeking to add protein shakes or bars. If you do opt for a protein supplement I think whey protein isolate is most beneficial. Do not get caught up in all of the marketing ploys some whey powders use, just locate a basic good quality one and employ it following a workout and perhaps as a meal replacement when not able to get real food. Otherwise stay with high quality whole food protein sources like organic chicken, turkey, beef, fresh fish and organic the opportunity eggs. You need to keep in mind that as well as taking enough protein in addition, you must be eating a range or fresh fruits, vegetables and low GI reasons for carbohydrates to possess a balanced diet.

David Gowing is really a personal trainer, health and fitness instructor and former model. He provides insider advice to women and men who are looking to use a lean, fit and healthy body. Also, he targets skin health and anti-aging techniques.


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